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I've been told my logic board has failed
The logic board is your Mac's motherboard. It houses all the main components of the machine and their interconnects. Symptoms of a logic board fault can be wide ranging depending on what component(s) have issues, and the seriousness can vary from something as minor as a dead USB port, to a totally non-functional machine.
If the fault is your logic board, it is the most expensive part of your computer to replace. There are no third party replacements for Apple logic boards, and costs can often be more than the machine is worth. However we have had instances where a previous company, perhaps not a Mac specialist, has informed the customer that their logic board has failed, only for us to find out that it is in fact something else. Less scrupulous places can use the logic board failure as excuse for not being able to find the cause of a problem. If your machine has been diagnosed with a logic board fault, why not give us a ring and we will see if we can confirm the diagnosis or suggest alternatives.
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